WClub San Francisco - SF Bay Area's Most Active Lesbian / Queer Organization with over 300 events Annually!

All events are on FACEBOOK.  Please load Facebook OR find a friend to tell you when events are changing/happpening.

WClub San Francisco has 8 Groups!

Everyone needs to join the flagship Downtown group where key events are consolidated.  But DO JOIN the other groups in regions you frequent or live.  The Bay Area is massive, taking over 2 hours to traverse.  Each group is designed to create friendships within about 30 minute drives.  Local groups is a goal of ours in our core vision! https://www.wclubglobal.com/home/members-guide/core-vision

Wclub San Francisco Downtown


Learn about some of the repeating events.

Halloween Month is HERE!

Save this figure to your phone and share it with friends that do not have Facebook.  Although they will not be able to join the events for details, at least they will know when they need to contact you for specifics on where, when, and updates.