Welcome to WClub NYC!

Please join one or all of the groups. They were created on March 12, 2022 so it will take a while before we identify a leader for each one that lets us "activate" each group . All that we need to get a group started is for a new leader to host a small Just Coffee one hour event. That is it! Super simple. You can read about how we start groups in Chapter 7 of our Member's Guide titled "HOW TO START A GROUP." For an even deeper dive into being a leader, we also have a 230 page Leadership Guide. But all you need to know is a basic cup of coffee is all you need!

10 Regional Groups

There are 10 regional WClub groups in New York and New Jersey. All are labelled NYC at the front to show they are part of the same greater metropolitan area. Then the name of the region is given. We used county names in some cases and chose other names in some. In New Jersey only one group reflects the county name and that is Hudson. The others group together multiple counties. In New York, we chose to shorten Staten Island to just Staten. We also think Brooklyn is a beautiful name, so we used it instead of Kings for Kings County.

WClub - NYC Manhattan NY (flagship)

This is the Flagship Group for the NYC / NJ metro area. That means events from the surrounding 9 groups are shared into this group so it serves as a "clearing house" of events.


What are shared into the flagship group are what we call METRO events . WClub METRO events are ones organizers feel people might want to travel beyond 30 minutes to attend. A big night out for dinner, karaoke and dancing that lasts 6-8 hours is a METRO event. A "Just Coffee" for one hour is a LOCAL event.

WClub - NYC Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn is the largest of the NYC Metro groups in terms of population at about 2.6 million in Kings County. Here is the URL:

WClub - NYC Queens NY

Queens is almost as populated as Brooklyn and comes in as 2nd largest at 2.4 million. Here is the URL:

WClub - NYC Bronx NY

The Bronx has about 1.5 million residents, which is still larger than most major cities in the United States. Here is the URL:

WClub - NYC Nassau NY

Although we are calling this Nassau and it is Nassau County with a population of about 1.5 million people, this group serves a far larger area beyond its Eastern Border. Long Island has a population of nearly 7.7 million! There a lot of LGBTQ+ / Queers in a population that large so this group will be critical in providing events they can drive into Nassau to attend! Here is the URL:

WClub - NYC Staten NY

Staten Island is a bit of an orphan given it is indeed an island! But by itself it still has nearly half a million residents. Here is the URL:

WClub - NYC Hudson NJ

Across the Hudson from Manhattan is Hudson County with a population of 673,000 and some of the best views in the world! Here is the URL:

WClub - NYC Newark NJ

Most people from across the world have flown into Newark but never spend time there as the crossed over pretty quickly to Manhattan, but with nearly 1.4 million residents in Union and Essex counties, there are many LGBTQ+ / queer members that will fill WClub events. Here is the URL:

WClub - NYC Central NJ

We lumped several counties together for this region and it does not have a border to the South, so hey "Claim Philadelphia!" Here is the URL:

WClub - NYC Coastal NJ

We thought calling this group Coastal NJ was sexier! Monmouth just does not roll off the tongue as well. And there is certainly a lot of coastline, so let's get some events along the water please?

At 613,000 people this is the lowest population group in the NYC Metro Area. Here is the URL: