Central Valley CA

The Central Valley region is anchored by its largest city Sacramento, but given the distance each of the five areas is fairly independent of each other.  These are not small cities.  Sacramento area is about to reach 4,000,000 people.  Bakersfield has nearly 800,000.  Each region has over 500,000 people except Chico.  Although it is historically farm country, the Central Valley is not like Nebraska or Iowa!   

WClub Sacramento

Flagship Group for Central Valley, Everyone Joins this one! 

WClub Chico and Sacramento Valley

Chico is not far from Sacramento, but far enough that it needs its own group for day to day get togethers between members.  Anchored by CSU -Chico,  Chico is a college town.  Chico is the smallest city of the six we are featuring in the Central Valley.


WClub Stockton/Modesto

Stockton and Modesto are 30 miles apart.  Combining the two you have about 1/2 of a million people!   In the future as these cities continue to grow it may make sense to split this group into two.


WClub Fresno & San Joaquin Valley

Fresno is a large city with agrarian roots.   It will be interesting to see how this group evolves.  Another college city, the influx of youth keeps Fresno vibrant!


WClub Bakersfield Region

Bakersfield is the second largest city after Sacramento in the Central Valley.    The distance between the two is long at 282 miles.  Bakersfield anchors the Southern part of the Central Valley and is far closer to Los Angeles at only 111 miles.